Letters addressed to the 1st Earl of Zabid should include the full name, title and e-mail address of the recipient as well as the full name, title, e-mail address and signature of the sender.

As of the 1st day of August 2021 CE, the Private Office of Adib Murshed can represent members of the Mumahhid Family at the request of the Trustee for the Mumahhid Family Trust.

The relationship between the Private Office of Adib Murshed and the Mumahhid Family Trust is governed by various accords and customs. Adib Mumahhid is a name of the same natural person as Adib Murshed and he is better known by the latter of the two names.

General warning: please be cautious of forged signatures, fraudulent e-mail messages and fake documents. If in doubt, please contact the Qavloical Secretary of State via the following e-mail address: [email protected]